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Individual Client Testimonials

Before using FITD, I found it very difficult to secure an interview. After I met Ibiyemi, she helped develop a system to tailor my resume to the roles I was interested in and beyond that, a process to track my applications. After doing this, I got my first Job. I applied the same process a couple of months later and secured my second job. Ibiyemi has also given me great advice that has helped me with my contract negotiations. I’m happy to say that FITD helped me get my foot in the door!

Jan 6, 2024

victor clifford

Victor Osawru

National Account Manager, Leitz Tooling Systems

Ibiyemi has helped me navigate multiple career transitions using the most holistic and personalized approach. She took the time to understand my goals and values, and helped create a career development plan tailored to me. I was able to successfully pivot and grow in my career thanks to her support. I’m so grateful for her empathetic, strategic and innovative approach to career development.

Jan 4, 2024

Alizeh Ali

Alizeh Ali

Manager, Business Transformation at Mattamy Homes

Eeman Elsheikh

Eeman Elsheikh

Designer and Interaction Design Student at Sheridan College

I was having issues passing my interviews so when I had the opportunity to seek career coaching I thought that I should take it. You helped me realize that I need to be confident in myself and not be afraid of asking questions relating to my career. I now know my worth and the expectations I can set for myself to continue being successful.

Sep 18, 2023

Accelerate Her Future

"Ibiyemi is an outstanding career readiness workshop facilitator who creates an engaging and interactive environment for participants, packed with relevant strategies, tools and tips. Her warmth and direct approach, combined with her subject matter expertise provide immense value to participants on their job search journey."

Interactive Ontario

Since 2023, Interactive Ontario has engaged Ibiyemi at FITD to provide her professional Career Coaching services to participants in our Black Youth & Black Emerging Professionals Work Placement program. This is a program that aims to connect 20 Ontario Interactive Digital Media (IDM) employers with eligible career seekers between the ages of 19 - 35. During this program, chosen interns also gain the benefits of having 1:1 Career Coaching with Ibiyemi where she offers guidance on professional development topics. All participants in the program have benefitted from Ibiyemi's attention to detail, thoughtful and organized work ethics, and approachable demeanor. 

Casa Foundation

'We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Foot in the door (FITD)on several projects through Casa Foundation. Her dedication to empowering participants, and jobseekers whilst fostering innovation within our community is truly commendable. Her proactive approach, attention to detail and enthusiasm to see success make her a valuable partner in driving positive change."

Corporate Client Testimonials

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