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Recover from Burnout 

Book a free 15 min Consultation Call  to see if it's right for you


Is this program right for you? 

  • You are a woman experiencing burnout 

  • You’re working a BIG girl job 

  • People are clapping for you on LinkedIn, on Instagram, you’re #KillingIT but deep down you feel lost 

  • You’re also probably overworked and underpaid OR you feel like all you do is work 

  • You want to be grateful but you feel resentful 

  • You are either gaining weight or losing weight unintentionally

  • You’re probably in therapy but it doesn’t seem to be getting better 

  • You are probably coping and overcompensating with shopping, eating, doom scrolling, partying, isolating yourself, sleeping, taking many days off, excessive applying for new jobs and DEEP down inside you know it’s NOT sustainable.

How Can I help ?

  • Let’s talk it out….. I don’t claim to know it all but I can sense how you feel 

  • Because you’re burnt out, it is harder to make decisions so you lowkey need someone to give you permission to “blow up your life” but you’re scared because "what if it doesn’t work".

  • Because you are probably too "independent" to ask for help, this is me offering it


I sought out an executive coach to help me navigate my transition into a senior leadership position at a new institution. Alongside this professional change, I wanted to support myself in managing my personal challenges related to anxiety, ADHD, and depression. What set her apart was her holistic, trauma-informed approach during our coaching sessions. Working with an executive coach like Ibiyemi provided me with valuable guidance and strategies to increase productivity, practice self-care, and develop greater empathy toward my unique needs . This helped me achieve a more balanced and fulfilling professional life. 

Christina F. 

Director in Post Secondary 

Recover From Burnout



Are you burnt out? Do you want to take steps towards healing?

Valid for 6 months

2 Group Coaching Sessions ($240 value)

Burnout Questionnaire ($100 value)

Evaluation methods to assess recovery options ($100 value)

Decision Making Matrix for next steps ($50 value)

Examining 4 Case Studies (women's stories) ($100 value)

Total Value of $590 offered for $250

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If you are ready to make a change

Book a free 15 min Consultation Call  to see if it's right for you 

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