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Are you ready to change your career?

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Overwhelmed at the thought of transitioning into a new industry? Are you asking yourself, "where do I even start?" if so, you might need a coach! Whether you're looking to accelerate or pivot your career, we can help.

Ibiyemi Headshot

Ibiyemi Balogun 

Trusted Career & Leadership Coach

I am passionate about people doing what they are passionate about and getting paid for it.  With my background in recruitment and career services, I've helped over 2500+ clients through 1 on 1 & group coaching over the last 10+ years . As a coach, my role is to educate, consult, strategize, and pull greatness out of you. I am known in some circles as the "resume whisperer". I  am a Certified Career Strategist and also recently won the Career Professionals of Canada's  "Outstanding Career Professional  for 2023 award. 

certified career strategist
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Oyin Olalekan image

Oyin Olalekan
Producer, Creative Talent Developer

I was seeking clarity regarding my next step, while also wanting to be more strategic about my career in the long-term. We were able to categorize and prioritize my many goals. We worked together to create a tangible plan that incorporated my short term needs in the midst of job searching. Once that was done, you helped me clarify how my long-term goals fit together in a career roadmap.

Mofi Badmos image

Mofi Badmos

I needed professional perspective to guide a tough decision I was making. I wanted to hear if taking a particular path made sense and if it was the right timing. You helped me create a path for the next step I was about to take. You made me feel affirmed and confident in the decision as well! 

Tanya Skydan Image

Tanya Maden-Skydan
Manager Corporate Partnerships

My mock interview was a fantastic way to sharpen my interview skills. My time with Ibiyemi allowed me to practice talking about my experience which is so important in a job search. Ibiyemi gave me specific feedback on how to improve not just on the content of my answers but my delivery as well. 

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If you are interested in career coaching, but not quite sure what services you are looking for, feel free to book a 15 min consultation! In this consultation, we can briefly talk about your needs and how I can support your journey 

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