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Recover from Burnout 

Let's Start Healing Today 

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Are you Burnt Out? 

Same! These last couple of years has been ALOT; 


Picture a 30 year old, who just got a promotion at work and is now leading a team, building a program, dictating strategy and #KillingTheGAME. In her personal life, she’s cute, she has great friends, a supportive family, and she runs a side hustle that brings her JOY.

All of a sudden, she has a loss in her family, then another loss, then a breakup and now she’s not feeling so hot, actually she’s heart broken. Then she starts to reflect and realises that the promotion has actually become a burden, she’s working crazy hours, she’s worried about her team CONSTANTLY, she can’t quite get things approved through the bureaucratic nature of her organisation. She is split into 6 parts because her job is MASSIVE, she is a middle manager, she is in 8-10 meetings a day and leading 95% of those meetings…..she starts to realise that the pay cut she took to accept this “career launching” job is starting to seem thin.


She starts to build resentment, then her health starts to decline, she is breaking down everyday, can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t stop crying and all she can do is ask “HOW DID I GET HERE?” That girl is me and 10 days to my 31st birthday, I went on “burnout leave” because I had nothing left to give

Stressed Woman

How do you recover? 

In 3 months of that leave, about 6-10 women reached out to me with very similar stories and in my pain, I started sharing my journey. With sharing my journey, journaling, praying, crying and medical intervention I am doing much better. Life happens and we all NEED help and because I know you don’t like asking for help, this is me offering it anyway.

SO who are you? 

  • You’re working a BIG girl job 

  • People are clapping for you on LinkedIn, on Instagram, you’re #KillingIT

  • You’re also probably overworked and underpaid 

  • You want to be grateful but you feel resentful 

  • You either gaining weight or losing weight unintentionally

  • You’re probably in therapy and have been for a while but it doesn’t seem to be getting better 

  • You are probably coping and overcompensating with shopping, overeating, doom scrolling, partying, isolating yourself, sleeping, taking many days off, excessive applying for new jobs and DEEP down inside you know it’s NOT sustainable.

Meet your Coach 


Award Winning Career & Leadership Coach, Write & Speaker with 10 years experience in Diversity Recruitment, Career Coaching , Business Development and Management.  She is the Founder and CEO of Foot In The Door Consulting and thrives by supporting professionals looking to have meaningful and SUSTAINABLE careers .

Ibiyemi Balogun

How can I help? What is Recover from Burnout? 

  • Let’s talk it out….. I don’t claim to know it all but I can sense how you feel

  • Because you’re burnt out, it is harder to make decisions so you lowkey need someone to give you permission to “blow up your life” but you’re scared because what if it doesn’t work. 

  • What does the help look like, you ask?

    • Session 1: Why are you burnt out? 

    • Session 2 : What steps can we take towards healing/making changes?

Client Testimonials 

Christina F.jpeg

I sought out an executive coach to help me navigate my transition into a senior leadership position at a new institution. Alongside this professional change, I wanted to support myself in managing my personal challenges related to anxiety, ADHD, and depression. What set her apart was her holistic, trauma-informed approach during our coaching sessions. Working with an executive coach like Ibiyemi provided me with valuable guidance and strategies to increase productivity, practice self-care, and develop greater empathy toward my unique needs . This helped me achieve a more balanced and fulfilling professional life. 

Christina F. 

What is Recovery from Burnout.png


Week 1: Why are you burnt out? 

You will receive worksheets to help you reflect on what is causing the burnout. We will dive into the reason for the fatigue and your understanding of what's happening in order to understand the "ROOT" issue. 

Week 2: How  Can we take steps to Healing? 

We will explore what your current options are for making a change. Some of you might need to go on a "leave of absence", some of you might want to resign, some might want to pivot into an industry. We will explore , just how to assess your options 


What are the outcomes of this camp?

Career Camp paves a pathway for you to accelerate growth in your career or pivot your career. Individuals will be presented with learning tools to enhance their performance in order to achiece their goals

Who is Career Camp for?

Career Camp is for professionals who are looking to pivot their career, accelerate their current career or create a fresh start. These individuals need guidance along what are the right steps to follow, and the right tools to have.

When does the program start and will sessions be recorded?

The program launches on Sep 7, 2021, and will run for 4 weeks on Tuesday nights for approximately 1.5 hours. Recordings will be available if you miss a day, but it is advised to try and make all 4 sessions 

How many hours do I have to dedicate weekly?

Each week sessions will be for 2 hours, however your work does not end here. There will be pre-work and homework assigned for each class. In total you should be dedicating 3-4 hours per week.

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This program is for women only, do you meet this criteria?
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